Monday, November 5, 2007

Saturday 11-3-07

Today's run was meant to be an 18 miler; the farthest yet. I had a few difficulties today and I ended up crashing and burning. To begin with, we were out of town for a football game and I planned on running on a course in Tuscaloosa, AL which would take me down a busy four lane parkway with some loooong rolling hills. Before it was all over I developed serious cramps in my calves and had to cut the run short and even then I had to walk for the last two miles. It was frustrating and disappointing not to be able to finish this run. I think the hilly course and my left heel pain caused the cramps in my calves. I hope this is not an indication that I will not be able to cover 26.2. I am going to keep on training, though, and see what happens.

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