Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday 11-24-07

With only two weeks to go before the marathon, the training runs will be mainly maintenance runs as the miles will decrease up until race day. Except for today when I was determined to make a long run to test my endurance. The weather down on the the riverwalk this AM was cold and windy and I really was not dressed warmly enough. I started at the convention center and headed south towards Ft. Benning. At the turn around point, the Garmin read 11.25 miles and when I headed in the other direction the wind was STIFF. It stayed that way for most of the return run and it didn't help that my feet and ankles hurt. This run of 22.5 miles today is my longest one yet and I will have to say I am as ready for the race as I can be. I have decided the marathon training experience for me has turned out to be more of an exercise in injury prevention and pain management than anything. Maybe it's that way for a lot of people, I don't know.


PreFan1982 said...

Don't lose hope brother. It's that way for most of us but I think when you cross that finish line and it hits you that you just completed a marathon you won't care how much you hurt. My prayers are with you. Can't wait to hear how it goes-still looking for you to go on a run in the Lakebottom area.

4bimmers said...

Thanks for the prayers. I am going to need them. You have been an encouragement to me.