Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Commitment to Run

I was up Saturday morning early but didn't get out until 7:00. The weather looked beautiful out the window but when I got out in it I realized our old friend humidity was back. You got to love running in weather like this. It takes a whole new level of commitment to get in and stay in shape in an environment like this. The past week has been tough running and I have been struggling trying to put my finger on the reason. I have been running continuously now since late February and consider myself in reasonable shape but lately it feels as if my legs are made of lead. My conclusion has got to be the weather. I have read somewhere that an increase in air temperature and humidity has a profound effect on the body's response to physical exertion and I am here agreeing wholeheartedly. That really goes without saying but the magnitude of the effect is startling.

I am to begin my fall marathon training in about a month. This is where it really gets fun. I remember how the training went last summer and how effective it was in getting me in shape for the December Rocket City marathon so I am looking forward to that same level of response and achievement. There is nothing like working hard through a training program and experiencing the results. But, if only I didn't have to sweat so much! Oh, I will sweat alright and it is going to happen at all hours of the day. If my at work schedule repeats itself from last year I will be up running at some ungodly hours and sweating all the while. Anything to get myself in shape.