Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday 11-10-07

Sometime some things are just not meant to happen. Last Saturday, Alabama was not meant to beat the LSU Tigers and I was not meant to finish my 18 mile run. Well, this Saturday was different. I had already decided instead of running the scheduled 15 mile run for this week I was going to make up the long run I missed from last week. I got to the Riverwalk a little before 7:00 ready for a good day of running. After the first 2 or 3 miles, it was evident my right ankle was going to be a problem. Evidently I hurt it last week and the only thing that gives it relief is to run very flat-footed or even up on my toes. So I altered my running posture to do that. This worked well for most of the run until the very end when my calves started cramping from the extra stress put on them from running on my toes.

Despite the nagging ankle, however, I really felt strong and ran all the way into Fort Benning to the end of 10th Division Rd. where I turned around. ( I wonder if it is OK for me to run there because I saw a sign that read "No Runners or Joggers") When I got back to Rotary Park I had made 18 miles but I decided to keep running and try to make 20. So I ran on down the walk for a mile and turned around. I finished 20.5 miles. I was not sure of the time, however, because I was using a new Garmin Forerunner I bought and it got screwed up somewhere along the way. Neither the total time nor the distance was even close to accurate. Anybody, what could I have done wrong with it?

Anyway, a great run and another milestone reached.

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