Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday 10-4-07

Today was scheduled for a 5-6 mile tempo run. The purpose of this type of run is to stretch your cardiovascular capacity by forcing you to run more out of breath. I have been able to do this in only a limited manner as other things have held me back such as pains in my side, legs and feet. I did run a good 6-1/2 mile course including the big hill on 13h St. but my average speed was still more than 9 minutes per mile. My goal is to run these tempo runs in less than a 9 minute mile.

Even so, I feel like I am getting stronger. I am praying that God will take away this pain in my left side/groin. I go to an internist in two weeks to get it looked at but I do not want to have to stop my training to get it worked on. Unless the doctor says there is a serious problem, I am going to keep running with the pain.

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