Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday 10-13-07

Every long run I do now puts me past the point where I have ever run before. Way back in high school when I ran cross country I did some 8-9 mile training runs but nothing longer. Today's run of 14 miles is another milestone. I actually felt pretty good considering my aching groin and feet that have never run for this long. I'll admit the 2:16 time set no blazing pace but I was running with more spring in my step...a far cry from the dead man shuffle I was doing last week. I ran at the Riverwalk starting from Rotary Park and heading south to Ft. Benning and back. There was a Juvenile Diabetes Foundation function at Rotary Park this morning so it was pretty crowded. I am now rested, fed and ready to go watch with my friend Paul the Tide play Ole Miss on TV. ROLL TIDE!

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greg said...

Found you on the Complete Running Network and had to check you out because of the your blog's title.

Over the past year of exercising and running, I have praised the Lord for restoring my health. It's a long story but one in which I saw God at every turn, mostly by others being Jesus for me.

Keep on running.