Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday 9-23-07

We were in Tuscaloosa, AL this weekend to visit our daughter and watch Alabama get rolled by Georgia. Not a perfect weekend as my team came up short. I ran 9.5 miles on Saturday morning early before we left town. I ran from our house down to the riverwalk and back. Man, am I slow! My time came in at over a 10 minute mile average. My side/groin hurt mercilessly. I am beginning to have second thoughts about the viability of being able to run a marathon. I have an appointment with a surgeon on Oct. 18th to get it checked out, so until then I am going to keep on my training schedule and bear the pain. Weather was hot and humid Sat. AM, I wore the camelbak and NEEDED IT! I lost volumes of water during that run.

Sunday after getting back in town, Steven and I ran 3.1 miles through the neighborhood. Easy run, just as the schedule calls for.

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