Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saturday 9-15-07

Saturdays are the days for my long training and this week we were in Tuscaloosa for the Alabama football game. So, the run was planned for the streets of Tuscaloosa. I mapped out an eight mile course and set on my way mid-morning. It was quite an experience. Yeah, I know eight miles is not much for most runners training for a marathon but it was for me. The course took me down a couple of streets that were not good running streets; no sidewalks or good places on the shoulder to run. And the cars were less than accommodating! I almost was hit by a fellow turning right onto a four lane street because he failed to see me coming from his right. This was probably the closest I have come to getting hit by a car. The weather was great. Warm but dry with a nice breeze. I wore a new Camelbak hydration belt and it worked great. The fluids definitely made it a better run. my side still hurts in the area I suspect is a hernia. It remains to be seen if this is going to be a show-stopping injury. I pray it will not.

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