Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday January 3, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!
Its great to be writing in a new year my first blog of a new decade. I have every intention of being more active in my posting this year. It is really a paradox that I do not write more as I really enjoy writing. Could it be the time it takes to transfer thoughts to keystrokes? I guess if this was my day job I would be in trouble.

Since this is the inaugural passage of this new year, it would be appropriate to speak of new year's resolutions. The only thing with that is I do not usually make them. At least not intentionally. I guess we all make them in some indirect way, but I shy away from shouting it from the mountains. I guess my beef with verbalizing resolutions is we often make these promises that are not only unattainable but down-right unrealistic. How about this one. "Hey, I resolve to lose 50 pounds this year, but do I have to really change my eating habits and start exercising?" Or, maybe this one. "I vow to be a better person this year. Oh, but does that mean I have to stop my back-stabbing to get ahead at work?" Need I say more?

OK, so maybe my hesitancy with making resolutions is more about making commitments Wouldn't it be great if we could make our resolutions retroactively. I guess we would claim more victories than we could imagine. I had no idea when 2009 started I would train for and complete a marathon and do it in record time. So, my retroactive resolution for 2009 will be "To train for the Huntsville Rocket City marathon and complete it in record time." OK, enough of resolutions.

Three weeks ago, a visit to a Physical Therapist revealed my back pain of many years was probably caused by a hip misalignment. He (the PT) went on to recommend I stop running for a period of time while he worked with my condition in an effort to correct the underlying problem which was causing my back pain. Walking only. You could not have hurt my feelings any worse. I mean, just two days before I had started making plans to train for and run in the Albany marathon in March. I felt like I really could run a marathon in a time that would allow me to qualify for the Boston marathon. Then, I found myself sitting there realizing those plans would be shoved to the back burner. Its time for patience and healing.

So, on this third day of January, 2010, I continue a program of reduced physical activity meant to aid in the healing of my body. My hopes are that this will be a speedy process but I pray I will have the wisdom and patience to faithfully follow a plan of action that may take more time than less.

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