Wednesday, January 6, 2010

PT Day 1-6-10

I started the day out with devotional time then to the YMCA for exercise. For 25 minutes, the treadmill, set at 4 mph and no incline, was my residence. I met a friend of mine who has been giving my ideas on how to build up my core muscles and get in good enough shape to run pain free. Sounds like a plan, doesn' it? After Robert spent some instructional time with me it was time to head to my physical therapy session. I have been looking forward to this for the express reason I want to get on with the required plan of action.

As best I can phrase it, my condition is the result of a hip that mechanically misaligned. This misalignment creates a condition where the muscles in my lower back have to compensate and consequently are forced to "lock down" and create pain. These muscles also swell and this contributes to back and leg pain. During the PT session, the therapist bends me up like a pretzel and in the process is able to mobilize my hip so I once again have free range of motion. This is a good thing but the problem is that my normal motion forces my hip back into an unnatural position. It is going to take time to develop a routine of stretching and strengthening muscles in my core to make a lastiing difference. The treatment plan seems to be fairly vague; I've just got to trust the therapist knows what he's doing. I really miss the running, though!

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