Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Answered Prayer 12-23-09

I started the day like I have so many times in the past with a devotional time and I prayed specifically that God would give me wisdom and direction about what to do about my back pain and treatment of it. Last week I had visited a local physical therapist that specializes in the the type of pain I am having. He said he could definitely help me solve the problem BUT no running for a period of time. I did not take that suggestion very well. As a matter of fact as early as this morning I had decided to not take his advice and continue my training regimen just as before. That was the impetus for my specific prayer request this morning.

After my prayer time, I headed to the downtown YMCA to walk on the treadmill and maybe even do some running. While I was there I met a friend I had not talked to in several months. He is an active runner who you can see at any time of the day running all over Columbus. I knew he was training for a marathon so I stopped to catch up with him on how the training was going. He asked me about my recent marathon race results and was impressed with my time of 3:40. I told him about the back pain I had been having and he commented he was recovering from the very same thing. Furthermore he strongly suggested I follow a regimented program for treating the condition that included stretching and strengthening my core muscles that include back muscles. He warned if I did not take of the problem now, it would turn into a huge issue going forward. Well, talk about an answered prayer. Praise God! Just when I had asked for wisdom to guide me in my decision whether to follow my physical therapist's advice or not, there it was. My friend gave me the answer I needed and along with it a great deal of encouragement and praise for my recent accomplishments in the Rocket City marathon. We certainly serve an AWESOME God.

What a way to start the day. Now I need the strength and courage to follow a strict training program that gives my back a chance to heal while keeping me in shape from a cardiovascular standpoint. It is going to be a challenge for no other reason than the fact that running is such an addictive sport. I am craving the experience of getting out and pounding the pavement. All those who have gotten to this point knows what I am talking about.

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