Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Older New Year

On a cold and windy Sunday morning I concluded the first month of this new year's exercise regimen. Despite the mandate against running I have managed to cover a distance of 72 miles. That's really not too shabby since about 90% of the distance was covered at a walking speed, albeit a fast one, and the longest daily distance I covered was just shy of 6 miles. It is too much of a cliche to state "this year is flying by" but as we wave goodbye to January 2010 the fact that time passes too quickly is validated once again.

The rehabilitation continues on my lower back and hip on the right side. Since the physical therapist has directed me to walk only, the occasional jog I throw in with my daily ambulatory exercise is technically breaking the law. My problem is a matter of trust. I am doing everything he has prescribed except for the jogging. My sessions have been spaced out to three week intervals now so the treatment plan is getting drawn out. The prognosis is good and Mr. PT has declared I am improving. I have slight soreness in the lower back but no pain. The leg numbness comes and goes but is never unbearable. I guess you can tell I am justifying my decision to indulge in the occasional run. It does feel good to get back into that activity.

As February dawns, I am eagerly anticipating Spring though I realize we still have weeks to go before we're there. On the chilly mornings, it is difficult to envision how hot and humid it will be in the Chattahoochee valley in a few short months. Enjoy the cold while its here. All we Southerners should embrace this realism as the new year matures and approaches warmer days.

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