Monday, January 18, 2010

PT Visit Three

As luck would have it, I contracted some kind of vicious stomach ailment Sunday afternoon that had me down for the count...and down on the bathroom floor for around 12 hours. I don't know if it was something I ate or a malicious passing virus but it treated me unkindly. So, my scheduled PT appointment for 7;30 Monday morning looked doubtful. My wife came in at 6:45 to wake me from the recliner to which I was banished for the night and I peeled myself free and took a quick shower. The nausea had passed but I had very little energy. If these PT appointments weren't so hard to make, I would have passed but decided to tough it out and go.

I guess you could call me chief of all skeptics because I have the tendency to question anyone or anything I do not understand. So, it is with the procedures my physical therapist goes through when we meet. He has me sit on a stool, with my back towards him and places his hands on my lower back as I bend to the left and the right. He then has me sit on a bench with my legs hanging down and has me lift one leg then the other. From this he can tell I have made improvement. I am feeling less pain in my lower back and less leg numbness but he admitted that may never completely go away.

At the end of the 10 minute session, I popped the inevitable question. "When can I start back running?" He proclaimed my continuing improvement but failed to utter the words of accommodation. A few more weeks before I can be back in business. He did say I could start mixing some jogging in with my walks. Well, that was some consolation and I intend on stretching the envelope all I can.

It is tough showing restraint but I have got to use some creativity in coming up with ways to stay in shape in the face of these restrictions. Walking religiously, maybe twice a day and swimming should serve the purpose. Anything to ward off the ugly slide back to being unfit. That is one state in which I never intend to be again.

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