Saturday, January 9, 2010

Layers Against the Cold

Stepping out onto my front porch this cold January morning I wondered if it was really as cold as predicted. It seems I remember something in the vicinity of 16-18 F. Had it warmed during the night or did my application of layers of running attire really do what they were intended to do? A further advance onto the street and into the teeth of the wind confirmed the latter. Yeh, it was cold , but I had dressed appropriately.

Alright, I may sound like a wimp for complaining about a little cold. You may even think I have no room to talk in the face of 16 F cold but you have to understand I have never lived further north than Charlotte, NC. Career choices and a very warm-nature wife have secured that fact. I've got Southern blood coursing through these veins for goodness sakes! So, this is really cold to me. The layers felt good, that is for sure. I thought they were adequate, until I turned a corner and headed north into the teeth of the wind. It never cases to amaze me how effective the wind is at robbing us of that layer of air that clings close to our bodies serving as thermal protection. But, wind chill factor is as real as anything. If the wind really blows, it doesn't matter how many layers you have on, you are going to feel it.

My decision to follow the treatment plan of my physical therapist has me walking this morning as I have done for several weeks. I have bemoaned and complained about my plight and I realize it is s simple choice; suck it up and treat the problem or ignore and let it get worse. Now, having made the choice to treat the problem, it is time to be quiet and move on. A component of that decision was the realization that I did not have to completely abandon all aspects of my previous running regimen. I have determined to get up and out at the same time I have done in the past and get in whatever exercise the PT would allow me. OK, it doesn't include running right now, walking only, it will in due time.

That brings me back the original purpose of this day's entry; talking about layers. The cold can't stop my progress or slow my goal of sticking to a regimen. If it takes layers to keep warm, so be it. So as I peel off the layers after 35 minutes of brisk walking, I am thankful for another chance to exercise. I'm not ready nor willing to tempt the full fury of winter weather by moving to the upper mid-west. I am content in the fact, though, as long as it doesn't get much worse, my layers are going to keep me warm.

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