Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday 2-21-07

Up at 4:00 this morning. I had to meet a customer early this morning so I had to get an early start. We met at the YMCA in the northwestern part of Houston and I swam.
What a great place! the pool had eight lanes and was well lighted and though the water was not heated, it was mild enough to not be uncomfortable. I swam one mile in probably the fastest time yet. But another first for me was I did the whole thing without stopping. At the pool in Columbus, one end is very shallow so I usually only do a flip turn on the deep end and stop very briefly on the shallow end. Well, this pool was nine feet deep the full length so I did flip turns at both ends and did not stop or break my breathing routine for the entire one mile. I felt great.

I weighed in at 208. First time under 210 in several years.

Had good sales calls during the day. I am ready to head home on Thursday.

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