Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday 4-2-08

Swimming today at 5:00 am for the last time in a week. My first Masters' swim class is history. this has been quite a learning experience and I hope I am in better shape now than I was three months ago when it started. I know I am a better swimmer but I still need a lot of work building up my stamina. In the class this morning we were timed on our best lap times for various strokes. The most dramatic was my time for 500 yards which came in at a little over 9 minutes. This is a little less than a 30 minute mile average. Just for comparison, three months ago I was swimming a mile in 42-44 minutes. What a change!

In order to get ready for triathlons this summer, I have got to start back running and biking, though. It seems i just don't have the time since I started back to school. It definitely is going to require more discipline than I presently am showing.

By the way, another Masters' swim class starts next Friday. I am planning on being there.

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