Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday 3-26-08

March is almost over and my blog entries have been fairly sparse this month. I still have not locked into a good running regime since the marathon in December having only run twice this month. BUT, I am continuing the masters swimming program which will conclude next week. Then, the next session will start a week later. This has been an excellent workout for me and an intersting experience. The workout today was probably the toughest yet. After warming up (500 yards) we had to swim 30 50 yard sprints at one minute intervals. Well, needless to say, after three or four laps I was sucking wind and making a lap in about 1:15. This meant I had no time for resting between laps (not good). The coach did show me some leniency and allow me a 5 SECOND rest between laps. After time had expired I had done 27 laps to the other swimmers' 30. I consider this to be an achievement as three months ago I probably would have been at least 10-15 laps down. I am getting stronger but it do hurt.

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