Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday 7-11-07

How long has it been since I have last posted? I know I have been too lax of late but it is time to get back to my journalistic duties.

I am sure we have all heard a fish story of the "one that got away" but I have one just as good...This morning I was up at 4:00 and actually ahead of schedule as I left the house at 4:50 for a run through the neighborhood. Taking my usual 5 mile route which goes down to Lakebottom park back up to Hilton Avenue, down to Auburn Avenue and home, I had an interesting encounter. Having lived just off of Hilton for a year and a half, I knew there were owls that lived in the woods off Macon Road and Hilton. This morning, as I made my way up Hilton just a block from Macon Road, I was caught by the shadow of a large wingspan passing by and I immediately knew this was no small bird. I looked up to my left on the power line on the left side of the road to see a beautiful screech owl. I admired him for a few seconds then turned my head to continue on my way. Just as I did, the winged shadow went by me again but this time the bird was making more than a casual pass at me. It actually swooped down with his claws outstretched and made an attack at the top of my balding head. I ducked and yelled at it and abruptly changed course to dissuade any further attempts. The owl flew back up to the power line and continued its gaze upon me as I am sure it bemoaned "the one that got away".

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