Monday, March 5, 2007

Monday 3-5-07

Woke this morning and could barely open my eyes. My back hurt so I opted to sit on the heating pad and skip the morning swim.

I came home for lunch and got the bright idea I would put on a pot of collard greens to cook while I was at work. Can anybody guess the outcome? Well, I was at the Y swimming after work and on the last lap of my mile swim the lifeguard taps my shoulder and tells me I have an emergency phone call. Obviously scared, I ran to the phone to hear my wife proclaim we had a fire alarm at the house and would I please hurry home. (she was at work). When I pulled up to the house the fire truck was just pulling off and when I entered the house, the smell of burnt collards greeted me. Kudos to the fire department, though, because they managed to come in, take off the burning pot and evacuate a majority of the smoke. No, this idea to get a jump on dinner was not the best yet. I am sure I will pay for this blunder for some time to come.

Weather was beautiful today. Clear, high around 65.

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