Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday 5-2-08

Up early this AM and wanted really badly just to sleep in. But, I managed to drag myself out to swimming practice. man, what a tough session! We did shorter distance sprints with very little rest in between. Something on the order of (1) 200 yard, 20 seconds rest, (2) 175 yards, 20 sec. (3) 150 yards, 20 sec, (4) 125 yards. (5) 100 yards, (3) 75 yards. Cool down. In all we did over 2100 yards. That is pretty good considering the speed we were swimming. Of course, the fast swimmers went further but for me, this was a great feat. Now if I can just get back into the running mode I will feel better about getting ready for some triathlons this summer.

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