Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday 7-10-08

Up at 4:00 this AM to get my day started. Didn't have much luck as I drug around until about 5:30 when I finally got out the door for my Thursday run. I am now on week four of my marathon training schedule and it feels like I am not making much progress. I can remember last year getting ready for the Huntsville marathon and sweating through the summer months thinking I would never make it through to the race. Now, I am in the same boat thinking I will never get back in shape. Why is it that it takes months to get in shape and only weeks to get out of shape?

I managed to complete 5.6 miles in 53 minutes for a pitiful 9:30 pace. This was supposed to be a tempo run where I run at a faster pace. I barely was able to finish much less do it at a faster pace. I think the heavy pasta I ate last night may have had something to do with my sluggishness. i have got to get my diet in check and lose some weight. Trying to run these progressively longer runs carrying around 205 pounds is a challenge.

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