Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday 1-25-08

I know I really don't want to stoop to the level of whining and complaining about my physical state of being for that is certainly not what my blog is intended to do. But, it is going to be tough getting back in shape after a six week hiatus from running. I had hoped the Masters Swimming program would help keep me in shape but with this bad cold I have had the past two weeks I have regressed to an out-of-shape condition I didn't want to reach.

I ran at the Y on Wednesday for 3 miles and the next day my legs were sore! I ran 4 miles this AM and felt tired and sore. The bright spot is my feet have healed completely and there is no pain. I am ready to start back on some kind of training program. I am probably going to look at a triathlon training scheme because I do not have time to start training for a marathon AND do the Masters Swimming thing. After the class ends in March I may consider the marathon. Whatever I do I need to have a goal to keep me committed to staying in shape.

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